June 6, 2021

Lockerbox ONE features in On Office magazine article.

Quarterly architecture and design magazine On Office article ‘Agile working boxes: a post COVID necessity?’ talks about how storage boxes for hot-desking offices offer a slither of protected space in the next evolution of the open-plan workplace.

Hugh Metcalf writes, “the lack of ownership of space in the agile working or hot desking workplace is both a strength and a flaw.

He goes on to say, “One solution to offer a bridge of the gap between fixed and hot desking offices has been the agile working box – a caddy which allows for storage of work essentials that’s easily portable and can be stored in on site lockers when not in use. Not only do they mean that employees wouldn’t need to limit their working environment to whatever they could carry to work that day, but it also reinstated the charm of being able to personalise your working environment – a relic of private, individual space in a new way of working.

In terms of the ‘new normal’ – a post-COVID-19 workplace that wants to retain its openplan nature but adapted to social distancing and heightened hygiene measures – the agile working box may have a role to play. ”

Our Lockerbox ONE is a perfect example of what Metcalf talks about. Offering companies an environmentally friendly and fully printable option for staff and colleague to keep their personal items just that, personal.

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